Home reform loans, where and when to apply for them


Reforming a property is not usually cheap, since, between some things and others, the sum of money is rapidly increasing. It is clear that the final amount will depend on the part of the house that we want to reform or if we want to modify the entire property. However, the most common is to end up applying for home reform loans to meet the improvement costs foreseen in the budget. In this week’s article we will tell you about the most common situations in which to ask for home loans and their most widespread conditions in banks. 

In which cases to request a home reform loan?

In which cases to request a home reform loan?

These that we name below are the most common cases in which to request a reform loan: 

To make repairs: fixing leaks, repairing damage to roofs or pipes of pipes are some of the most common repairs for which loans are requested for housing reform. 

Extensions: getting a larger living room by attaching it to the terrace, opening the kitchen to have more space or the room for the arrival of a new family member are the most common extensions in our homes. 

Improve energy efficiency: more and more people choose to put solar panels on roofs or change windows for double-glazed ones. With this type of modifications, greater energy savings are achieved and it is common to request loans for home reforms in this regard. 

Rehabilitation of buildings: in these cases, the most common thing is that the spending of money is in the form of a spill from all the owners and, therefore, the type of reform loan is different. You could even be eligible for grants, which we’ll talk about later.

Revalue the home: what is intended here is to improve it so that you can sell it for a higher price or rent it for a higher monthly payment. 

It is clear that the reasons for applying for a home reform loan can be very varied and also that, depending on the type of reform, the amount can vary greatly. Therefore, before thinking about what type of reform financing to apply for, you must be very clear about the amount needed. 

Can I ask for a personal loan for home reform?

Can I ask for a personal loan for home reform?

Of course you can, asking for a personal loan for home reform is one of the most common ways of meeting the costs of a work. With this type of financial product, you usually don’t get amounts that are high enough to pay for a good reform. It must be taken into account that, being a personal loan, the holder responds with the set of all his present and future assets in the event of default. If you want more information about what a personal or consumer loan is and its main characteristics, don’t miss this article from our blog. 

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